All objects shown my homepage are entirely handmade. Absolutely nothing is pressed or machine made.


It is a matter close to my heart, that everything is done with my own hands. I compare the pieces with a body, saturated with work concentration and full of my prayers, so that they come alive and radiate when completed.


The flower of life for example, is a sacred symbol. Sensitivity and attention are required to craft such a structure. Only intensive labouring on the material holds the possibility to create the necessary effects and „presence“ of a genuine art object.


I work with various metals, including gold, silver, copper, brass or steel and I also like to combine them. The sterling silver 925/000 products are treated with an anti-tarnsih rhodium plating. A high-quality, durable alternative to a pure gold product is a 24k strong gold plating on a sterling silver 925/000 base.